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2020 New Year's Resolutions

Happy new year y'all! 2019 was definitely a crazy year all around and I can't wait to keep working towards the future. I'm usually that person who's really bad with following their resolutions, but this year I'm going to try something different. I'm going to list them all for you, then reflect back on my progress at the end of the year. This way I'll know EXACTLY what my resolutions were and see how productive I truly was.

1. Pay off any credit card debt.

2. Get my phone completely paid off!

3. Complete AT LEAST one blog post a month.

4. Finally put my health and well-being first, instead of putting all of my focus on work.

5. Achieve my bachelor's degree in psychology!

6. Focus my time and energy on what truly matters most in my life.

7. Join a sorority!

8. Continue to grow as a blogger and reach my goals.

I know it's kind of a long list this year, but I'm really trying to focus on being less stressed, more focused, and healthier overall. Lately my life has been dragging me down and it's created such a negative impact on me. Our physical and mental health is so important that it should never be pushed aside. It's time to start focusing on me, myself, and I.


What are your new year's resolutions for this year?

(p.s. - wix has GIFs now, so yay!)

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