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A Day of Firsts

Happy Friday everyone! As part of my new year’s resolutions, I challenged myself to try new things and become the best me I can be! With that being said, I stepped out my comfort zone quite a few times today. I went to the tanner, salon, and grabbed a delicious smoothie!

Right away this morning I headed to the tanner. This is my first time getting a tan, so I researched all of the salons in the area to find the cleanest one. The price was important, but the cleanliness mattered the most. The last thing I wanted was a disease! Anywho, I ended up visiting Tan 4 Life. The staff was super friendly and helped me with any questions I had! They recommended the perfect time limit and tanning lotion for my skin type. Once I entered the booth, I had 5 minutes to undress and apply the lotion. After that, I stepped into the machine. I had a stand-up bed because it‘s more sanitary and provides a better tan. I was only in the bed for 10 minutes and it was very hot. I was sweating and couldn’t wait to get out. It took me awhile to cool off afterwards, so I would go for less time if i did it again. It was definitely an experience, but I wouldn’t go very often since it does increase your risk of skin cancer. So far I haven't noticed any color changes, just redness, so hopefully there is a slight change within the next day or so.

After tanning, I ran home to change my clothes, and then headed to Treuvis for a mani/pedi. I’ve never had a pedicure before, so this was exciting to try! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! My feet are super smooth and much softer than before. I even had the cutest nail polish applied! Not only were my toenails painted, but I was given a massage from the ankle down. I can definitely see why people get pedicures so often - it’s incredible! I will definitely be doing this again in a few weeks! I also had a manicure, but that wasn’t a first. However, I did get shellac this time which is a new type of polish for me. Lacquer tends to chip off quickly for me and only last a day or two. So far, I really like it and hope it lasts a few weeks! If anyone lives in the Metro Detroit area, I definitely recommend Kelly Farmer at Treuvis!

Lastly, I stopped at Java Juice and picked up an Orange C Booster smoothie. It was sooooooo delicious! It definitely tasted like oranges and is designed to help fight seasonal illnesses. Not only was it delicious, but super healthy as well! It was definitely a great day and I learned about so many new things!

If you've tried any new things this year, let me know in the comments! I would love to hear how you're stepping out of your comfort zone!

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