Closet Overload

It's that time of year again - the closet is overflowing with items and there is no longer room for exciting new pieces. You love what you have, but how many do you actually wear anymore? I've been watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix and decided to give the Konmari method a try. I just focused on clothing since that's what I have the most and it was definitely hard to say goodbye. So many of my items have memories - first date with Alex, Christmas at Grandma's, shopping with friends, etc. However, when's the last time I actually wore that piece? Do I have more than one item to style it with?

I've cleaned out my closet before, so I didn't have a lot to get rid of, but it was still enough to make a difference. I piled everything on my bed and pictured the last time I wore it. If it was over a year ago, it went into my "goodbye" pile. After I was finished, I had a nice pile of clothes I could say goodbye to - "Thank you for letting me wear you, but now it's time to go."

After I finished cleaning, I uploaded all of my clothes to Mercari. Instead of throwing them away, I would like to find new owners to love my items! My brands include Nordstrom, Madewell, Forever 21, Topshop, and much more! If you'd like to see everything I cleaned out, click the link to visit my Mercari. If you've never used Mercari, use my link to sign-up and get $2 off any purchase! (You also get a reward just for listing an item!) Here are some of the items I'm getting rid of..


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