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Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Sometimes it's hard to be a college student. You're still trying to figure out how to have fun, but also be an adult. Balancing work, school, and a social life can get quite stressful. One thing I find quite difficult is being able to avoid having student debt and save money for the future. However, I've figured out a few ways to make extra money that actually works! (I promise they do; I use them myself!)

Ebates - If you love shopping, this website is such a lifesaver. As the commercials go, "It literally pays you to shop!" All you have to do is search for the store you want to shop from, click to go there, and then shop like normal. Every store has a different percentage, so whatever you spend will be calculated by that percentage. For example, Macy's has 2.0% cashback, so if I spend $20 online, I'll get $0.40 back. All of the money accumulates on your Ebates account and once you hit $10, Ebates will send you a check that you can cash at your bank! Basically, you were going to purchase that item anyways, so why not get cash back for it?

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Ibotta - This app is beneficial for people who do the grocery shopping. There are several different stores that give you money back for buying certain items. Some of the items are specific brands, while others are "any brand." Some stores even give you $0.25 for buying anything! All you have to do is scan the UPC and take a picture of the receipt. It's that simple! It might not seem like much, but it all adds up over time!

Mercari - This app is definitely my favorite because it helps me make money and clean out my room! Mercari is a resale app that let's you sell your used items and buy items from others. You can determine the price and negotiate with others. However, Mercari does take 10% of every purchase, but this is actually very reasonable when you compare it to Poshmark. It does take time to sell items, but it really works. This app is always my first choice when I need some extra cash!

Ebay - This is very similar to Mercari, but there are different options for selling. People can make bids, buy it now, or negotiate with you. The only negative thing about Ebay is that they charge you a small amount at the end of the month for posting items. Even if you don't sell anything, they'll still charge you just for having items listed. However, Ebay has a large community, so your items have a great change of getting noticed!

Plato's Closet & Style Encore - If you don't want to mess with selling online, you can take your used clothes to Plato's Closet and Style Encore to earn cash on the spot. They take gently used clothes and give you money based on what they're worth. Here's the catch though - they don't take everything. They sort through your items and determine what will sell the best for them. It's based on condition, season, and quality. However, don't get discouraged if something you think is nice doesn't sell - every Plato's and Style Encore take different items. Just because they didn't take it now, they might want it later!

"Garage Sale" Groups on Facebook - If you prefer to sell locally, many towns will have a "garage sale" group specific to their area. Only people who live in the area are allowed to join, so you will only sell to local people. However, if you do sell something, NEVER meet up with the person alone - it's not safe.

If you're interested in making some extra money, definitely give these a try! I've tried so many apps and websites over the last few years, but these are definitely my favorite. If you make extra money other ways, let me know in the comments!


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