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Necklace with a Purpose

How many of you constantly lose your chapstick, but can always remember to put on jewelry? Maybe it's just me, but it happens way too much. I can't tell you how many chapsticks I've lost over the years. (RIP chapsticks) Well, I recently discovered a multi-functional necklace that I'm absolutely obsessed with! LiLu Lip Care created a stylish, trendy necklace with the lip balm built inside! There are several different styles and colors of the necklace, plus you can customize the lip balm color. Once you run out, you can easily replace it with another lip balm. I love this because instead of always buying a new necklace, you just purchase lip balm refills. This is definitely the smart way to go!

I've been wearing the Kira Rose Gold Plated necklace with the pink lip balm. Since this is still a newer company, there are only 4 lip balm colors to choose from - red, pink, blush, clear - but I'm sure they'll come out with more in the future. This is seriously the perfect accessory for on-the-go people like me! It's super easy to apply and closes securely to avoid potential messes. The lip balm consistency is very smooth and the color actually lasts quite awhile!

*Thanks to LiLu Lip Care for sponsoring this post.

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