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Never Curl Your Lashes Again!

I'm literally super excited to be writing this post because I'm still in shock at the results. So, I recently had a lash lift and tint from ATD Med Spa in Grosse Pointe, which is very close to Detroit. I've been wanting to try out the treatment for awhile, but was super nervous about it. Was it actually good for my lashes? Will it last? Is it painful to undergo? I've heard many negatives about lash extensions, so I kept putting it off. Mind you, you do NOT get lash extensions during this process. It involves your natural lashes and those only. Basically, your natural lashes are getting permed, so they will be naturally curled and beautiful. My natural lashes are super long and straight, so I definitely didn't need extensions. Extensions aren't a bad thing, but they're too much maintenance (and money!) for my schedule, so a lash lift was definitely the better option!


To be honest, the procedure wasn't the most comfortable, but the results made it all worth it. It takes roughly 45 minutes (longer if your eyelids are stubborn like mine) and then you don't mess with your lashes for 24 hours. Upon arrival, I first filled out a consent form and discussed any health precautions with my technician. Then, I went back to the treatment room and began getting comfortable for the next 45 minutes. My technician, Jenna, placed something on both my upper and lower eyelids (I think it was to protect my skin) and the process began. It was definitely uncomfortable having something stuck to my eyelids for that long, especially since I wasn't used to the feeling. The process involves a lot of brushing stuff onto my lashes and then waiting for the solution to dry. Jenna added a tint to my lashes after the perming solution was finished, which made it look like I already had mascara on. I was actually going on a date later that night, so it was the perfect time to have fresh, new lashes.


Once the process was complete, I was literally shocked by the results. I've seen transformation photos before, but to see the results firsthand on my own lashes was incredible! I literally could not stop staring at my lashes the whole way home. Even the next day, post-shower and procedure, my lashes were still on point! Unfortunately, the tint only lasted a few days, but with a little mascara, my lashes looked like they had just left the spa. As I'm writing this blog, it's been about 2 weeks since I had my lashes lifted and I still haven't used my eyelash curler. I am truly amazed at this wonderful treatment and I highly recommend that all of my metro Detroit ladies get their lashes lifted by Jenna at ATD Med Spa!

Aesthetic Theory Detroit (ATD) Med Spa

15300 Kercheval Ave, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230

Phone: (313) 492 - 3787

ATD Med Spa offers so many different services to help you feel confident and beautiful, so definitely check out their website and instagram @atdmedspa!

*This post is not sponsored by ATD Med Spa. Everything discussed was my personal experience, thoughts, and feelings.

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