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Peaceful Period Protection

I know it and you know it.... that time of the month sucks. For one, you just feel gross (at least I do) and your hormones are taking you to a whole new level. Between the cramps, the mood swings, and the cravings, those 5-7 days just aren't fun whatsoever. Well, I recently came across a product that takes some of the stress off your mind and helps you enjoy more of life!

I've heard of "period panties" in the past, but NEVER thought they would work. "Do they really hold?" "Do they clean easy?" "Isn't it like wearing a diaper?" I had so many questions, as I'm sure you probably do too! Thanks to Knix, I was able to finally try these out for myself and put my questions to rest!

I was able to test out three of their products - The Dream Short, Leakproof Bikini, and Super Leakproof Boyshort. All of their products are designed to fit your need and flow level. They're super comfortable and are easily washable! I love knowing that with my regular tampon, these help protect me against any leaks if I'm not able to access a bathroom during the day.

OMG y'all.... these are SO COMFY! They're perfect for keeping you dry (and asleep!) at night. I don't know about you, but I frequently wake up wondering if I've leaked all over my white sheets or if my underwear has moved. Sure, I could always wear a tight pair of panties, but then they did into my hips! So NOT comfortable, but these shorts are perfect! They're similar to spandex shorts, but there's a built in period protector that can hold up to 12 tsp. of liquid (super absorbency).

These are perfect for everyday wear when you just need extra protection. They hold up to 3 tsp. of liquid (medium absorbency) and are quick-drying. The material is lightweight, breathable, and stretchy! They currently have some gorgeous pastel colors that are limited edition, so get them before they're gone!

Ever have those days when the flow just won't stop? This pair is perfect for that. The fit and comfort is similar to the leakproof bikini, but these have super absorbency, so they hold up to 8 tsp. The protector is longer in this pair to provide you with extra protection. You'll no longer need to run to the bathroom to check for leaks because this pair gives you peace of mind! Plus, how cute is the color??

Knix has many other products including swimwear, bras, leggings, shapewear, and many more to help women feel confident. I recently had a battle with Aunt Flo, so I'm definitely going to get myself a swimsuit! I just love knowing that this company focuses so heavily on meeting the needs of women, especially since it is female-owned! Plus, they also take the environment into consideration when creating their products. However, it is their mission that stood out to me the most....

"It’s time that all of us lived unapologetically free. Free from judgement. Free from self-doubt. Free to be yourself." - Knix

If you want to get some Knix products for yourself, click HERE to get $15 off your purchase! I hope you love these products as much as I do! There are many styles and colors to choose from, so there's definitely something for everyone!




*Thanks to Knix for sponsoring this post.

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Jul 22, 2021

Okay girl, love these! I was SUPER skeptical about them too, but now I'm definitely ordering some!!

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