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Pink Spring Rain

April showers bring may flowers... at least that's how the saying goes, unless you live in Michigan. Our weather has been all over the place. One day it's snowing and the next it's sunny. Now that it's May, we're finally getting rain! You know what that means... time to break out the umbrella and rain boots! It's been raining all week, so it seemed appropriate to have a mini rainy day photoshoot!

My umbrella is from Vera Bradley and it's so cute! It kind of reminded me of a Lilly Pulitzer print, but a bit less tropical. Unfortunately this print is no longer available, but I linked the same style, just a different pattern. My rain boots are from Hunter and my jacket is from Costco! (I linked a similar jacket) In all honesty, these photos definitely gave me Mary Poppins vibes and I was singing her songs the entire time I was editing!

How has the weather been where you live?

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