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Pure Michigan - The Clinton River Trail

I've been getting a lot of questions about my latest nature adventure, so I wanted to inform everyone of this absolutely gorgeous trail Southeast Michigan has to offer. When I lived in Saginaw County, I used to walk the Rail Trail several times a week, which is simply beautiful and was down the road from my home. I could ride it from my home, all the way into Saginaw by my best friend's home. Once I moved to the southern part of the state, I needed a new trail to hop on every time the weather was perfect. Thankfully, the Clinton River Trail is only a 5-minute drive from my home and runs right through my area.

The Clinton River Trail is a 16-mile rail trail that runs right through Oakland County. There are several other trails that attach to it, but those are given different names. Once the trail extends into another county, it's given a new name as well. This trail has a variety of surfaces - pavement, wood, and crushed limestone. There are several sights to see along the trail, especially because it follows the Clinton River. There are also several spots to get onto the trail, but my favorite spot is at the Adams/Livernois intersection. There is a small rest area and a parking area to prepare.

Once on the trail, I always head north. If you go north a mile or two, you will encounter Lake Norcentra Park, which is right off the trail. It's part of Rochester University (a private Christian university), but the park is free to the public. Within the park, there is a chapel, dock, a few gazebos, and an outdoor amphitheater. There are also two ponds, which are simply breathtaking to look at. The park is relatively large, so it's a nice place to stop and take in the wonders of nature.

If you keep going north, you will cross over a few bridges and encounter lots of deer. One time I saw at least 10 deer standing in someone's backyard! I tried to get one to come up to me, but sadly didn't have any luck. As you keep walking, you'll see more parts of the river and a trail surrounded by pure Michigan trees. Eventually, you'll reach an open area in which you can see local businesses. This is the city of Rochester (one of my favorite cities!). There is another place to park and the trail continues under the overpass. However, if you stop under the overpass, you can climb down the rocks and hangout by the river's edge. Just hearing the sound of cars passing by overhead and the current racing by is super relaxing.

That's as far north as we went that day (it was raining), but I definitely want to explore further. This is such a beautiful trail and it reminds me of being back home. I could spend every day outdoors if possible, so I'm always ready for an adventure. Have you ever been on the Clinton River Trail? If so, what are your favorite parts to explore?

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