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Shopping in Paradise

After a long week at work, it was definitely time for some therapy... retail therapy of course! I called up my friend Meghan and hit the mall. The mall might not be paradise to some, but it's definitely my favorite place to unwind. I could honestly go shopping every day if I had the money! We went to the Somerset Collection, which is my absolute favorite place to shop. They have all of my favorite stores - Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, J.Crew, Vineyard Vines, Nordstrom, Altar'd State, and much more! There are three stories and an airport crosswalk leading to a smaller mall across the road. I know it's not the Mall of America, but this is definitely the best mall in my state!

I bought so many new things and found the best deals. Meghan even bought some cute things for herself! We ended up buying matching Alex and Ani bracelets and picking out our future wedding rings at Tiffany's (one can dream!) Here are some of the best items that I picked up during our shopping trip..

Where is your favorite place to shop? What are some stores that you can't live without? I'm definitely a shopaholic, so I'd love to know!

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Beth Michele
Beth Michele
Feb 26, 2019

I'm more of an online shopper but I love skincare products like herbivore, LATHER, Alder New York, and Tata Harper. My go to's for clothes are Nordstrom, American Eagle, and Urban Outfitters. Looks like an amazing haul during your trip! XO

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