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#SupportSmall - Ohio SMP Studio

I've always been a supporter of small businesses. It takes a lot of work to get it started and A LOT of work to keep it going. When the pandemic hit, many businesses suffered and started falling apart. This why it is especially important to keep supporting our favorite small businesses and encouraging others to do the same.

As much as I love supporting local, I also love finding new businesses that are outside of my state. I'm only 2 hours from the Michigan-Ohio border, so it's still pretty close to home. I recently discovered Ohio SMP Studio and learned about the amazing work that they do! The specialize in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to help restore your confidence!

What is SMP?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical technique that involves implanting a pigment into a client's scalp. A tiny dot formation is formed to create the look of tiny hair follicles. Someone who was once bald, now looks like they just had their head shaved. Many people confuse this procedure with a hair transplant, but one's real hair is never touched/moved at all. Basically, SMP is getting a hair tattoo!

Why SMP?

The older we get, the faster we lose our hair. There are many factors that can cause hair loss, which include stress, cancer, natural aging, genetics, etc. For some, hair loss occurs as early as 20, while others don't endure hair loss until their 30's or 40's. You don't know when it will occur, but it can truly hurt someone's confidence when it does. So many people already struggle with mental health daily, so why add another factor to the list? Plus, you can spend thousands of dollars on hair transplants or wigs (real ones are $$$), but are you really making the best investment?

The first SMP treatment takes 2-4 hours and is spread out over 3-4 sessions to allow the scalp healing time. Each session is booked 10-14 days apart, so it will take time, but the end result is worth it. The treatment will fade over time (like a tattoo), but only needs to be retouched every 5-7 years. The pigment color can also be updated to match your natural aging hair color and works on surgical/transplant scars.

SMP Artist Clayton Rush has helped so many people in the Ohio area and is continuing to do so every day. He suffered hair loss and endured the SMP treatment himself, which sparked this newfound love for Scalp Micropigmentation. He saw how much hair loss impacted himself and others, so the more options that are available for people, the better! He founded Ohio SMP and is now able to help so many, as well as assist with many Ohio SMP training professionals!

"I can’t thank Clayton enough for the amazing transformation in my appearance! My confidence has increased greatly. He has a professional demeanor and is totally committed to making sure his clients are completely satisfied. I highly recommend Clayton at Ohio SMP Studio to those with hair loss issues. Thanks again Clayton!"


"I thoroughly did my research on SMP procedures and SMP artists, and eventually chose to go to Clayton for my work (which was the right choice). He was great at explaining the procedure and is a true artist. I am extremely pleased with my results. My only regret is not coming to him sooner."


There are many other satisfied clients just like Mike and Aaron who regained their confidence and received the best services from Ohio SMP Studio. Click here to see more!

Looking to Help Those With Hair Loss?

Clayton Rush also provides people with the opportunity to train as an SMP artist! Throughout the training, you‘ll learn the entire process from start to finish, including how to give consultations. Clayton is a master trainer and wants to expand the SMP industry! There currently aren't enough artists, but this is also a newer industry, so why not learn from the best? You'll get the hands-on, detailed training to become a top-notch SMP artist.

Looking for More Info? Visit their website or contact the Ohio SMP Studio at (419) 569-1630.

Instagram: @ohio_smp_studio

Located at:

2291 W. Fourth St., Suite D,

Mansfield, OH 44906

Personally, I have never heard of SMP before, so this was great to learn about! Each business is unique in their own way, so I love digging deep into the “why” and “how” of each small business, especially when they strive to help others. There are many new beauty techniques that developed over the past few years, but SMP is definitely a game changer. Do you know someone who could benefit from SMP?




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