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Travel Guide: Walt Disney World

I made it. It finally happened. I can officially check Walt Disney World off my bucket list. I always dreamed of visiting Disney, but never thought it would actually happen. It's been almost a month since I went and I'm still in shock. This is truly the most magical place on earth. Dreams really do come true.

I was only in Florida for 5 days, so Alex and I spent one of the days at Disney. We visited Magic Kingdom (BEST PLACE EVER) and Epcot. Oh my goodness... how gorgeous is the castle! I was instantly brought back to my childhood when I used to dress up in as Cinderella. The other best part of Magic Kingdom (in my opinion) is the section devoted to Winnie-the-Pooh! The "Hundred Acre Goods" store was adorable and full of rumbly, tumbly stuffed Poohs! I even got to meet Pooh and Tigger. We waited about an hour to meet them, but it was so worth it! Pooh was my childhood hero, so of course I wanted to give him a hug!

After Magic Kingdom, we headed over to Epcot. This place was definitely not what I had expected. I couldn't believe how intricate all of the countries were! The crew members were actually from their home country and the food was authentic! Alex and I enjoyed ice cream in Italy and had a few Margaritas in Mexico. We even got to watch a drum performance in Japan and an acrobatic routine in China! The talent, the skills... it was absolutely incredible! It was truly amazing to see so many countries and learn about their specialties!

Even though I was only able to visit two of the parks, it was the experience of a lifetime. Walt Disney World is such an amazing place and I definitely want to go back! I've always been the biggest Disney fan, so every character, building, and detail just blew me away. I can't wait to make even more memories in the future!

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