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Ways to Entertain Yourself During the Quarantine

This coronavirus has definitely taken a toll on all of us. Our once normal, busy life was ripped away and now we're forced to adapt to a whole new lifestyle. It's hard, but it's definitely for the best. The sooner we can control the virus, the sooner we can get back to working and seeing our friends!

If you're like me, you were probably excited to get some time off of work - "I can finally finish my laundry!" But once you're done catching up with your life, what are you supposed to do? You can't leave the house and run to the mall or visit the local bar with friends, so what can I do? I've compiled a list of activities to hopefully entertain you during this worldwide pandemic.

1. Clean out your closet.

When's the last time you've cleaned out your clothes? Do you have things that are too small? Unflattering? Hold too much nostalgia? Well, now's the time to let go! Declutter your space and make room for the new pieces you'll be acquiring this summer.

2. Learn a new skill.

Now that you've cleaned out your closet, what are you going to do with your old clothes? Try reinventing your items into something new! Learn how to sew and create pillowcases, socks, or items for your pet! Just go for it and let your creativity shine!

3. Try to make some extra cash.

Are you out of the job right now? Try selling your old clothes on Mercari or Poshmark! Everything is shipped through the mail, so you don't need to worry about meeting people in person! Just print the shipping labels and throw the package in your mailbox to be shipped. (You will need the tracking numbers, so make sure you get them.)

4. Learn a new sport.

Nature isn't closed, so enjoy as much fresh air as you can. Is there a park near by? Walk to it. Is there a disc-golfing course, but you've never played? Teach yourself! Are you into photography? Go for a stroll and take pictures! With nature, the possibilities are literally endless!

5. Read a new book.

If you're like me, you probably have tons of books you want to read, but put off since you're in school. Now that I'm temporarily laid off, I have plenty of time to catch up on my books! Every night I read a few more chapters. However, don't get rid of your books after you're finished. Take them to 2nd and Charles (or another book resale store) after the quarantine is over to get some extra money!

6. Video chat with your friends.

In the era of #socialdistancing, it's hard to avoid talking to your friends. Especially my sorority sisters! However, you can still video chat with them! Set up a Zoom account, send out an invite link, and have the group hop on for a girls' night, movie night, or even a game night! Playing Pictionary over Zoom can be tons of fun!

7. Invest in yourself.

While you're by yourself, spend time focusing on you. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure. Enjoy a hot bath with a glass of wine. Apply a face mask. Create a mini spa day for yourself! You deserve it!

I know it's hard, but we're going to get through this. We're all in this together. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here for you. Have any other ideas of things to do during this quarantine? Leave me a comment below!

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