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Meet Ashley!

Hi! I'm Ashley, a lover of all things colorful and bright.

I'm a 20-something born and raised in the Mitten State (MI). I grew up a small country town, but moved to Metro Detroit in the summer of 2019. Many people assume I was raised in the south because of my bubbly personality & (slight) southern accent, but that's totally false! I'm a SVSU alumni and currently attend Oakland University for Psychology, Leadership, and Business Administration (A LOT I KNOW). I'm also a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, Love Your Melon, and a local dance studio!

I finally started my blog in December of 2018 after putting it off for years. I love to write and inspire others, but wasn't sure how to start one. I really wish I would've started sooner! Through my blog, I share my favorite fashion finds, outfits, products, travels, and much more! I'm such an adventurer and look for any opportunity to explore. Some of my favorite brands include Lilly Pulitzer (obviously!), Bella Rose Boutique, Altar'd State, Abercrombie, Aerie, and Athleta! I would consider my style to be feminine, but I honestly love anything that's bright-colored - especially pinks and blues!

In my free time, you can find me watching FRIENDS, line-dancing, shopping, working out, or hanging out with my boyfriend and/or close friends. I love getting to know new people, so let's connect! I would love to hear any blog requests, product suggestions, or other ideas you have! You can contact me at or on Instagram at @simply.ash.nicole. Please don't be shy!




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