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Travel Guide: Stitch Meet-up at Disney

I recently went to Walt Disney World with Alex and fell in love! It truly is the most magical place on earth. I tried to meet as many characters as possible, but the most memorable one was with Stitch! I expected to just hug him and get a picture like normal, but it was so much better than that! After I hugged him, he kissed me on the hand. Then he wanted a kiss on the nose (which I did) and he fainted! He kept doing the "ohhh boy, I need to cool down!" hand gesture, which made me laugh so hard! I literally had the biggest smile on my face. I finally gave him one more hug and then walked outside to find Alex. All I could think to myself after that was, "Alex better watch out. He's got some competition!" (LOL) This was such an amazing character meet-up and definitely one I'll never forget!

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