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Back to School

Happy Thursday everyone! Today's my first day of my winter semester and it's definitely going to be an interesting semester. Since I'm almost done with my program, I'm only taking 6 credits this semester - two Occupational Therapy classes. Both of my classes are on Thursday, which never happens! This is the first time I've never had to be on campus several times a week! I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but so far I'm pretty okay with it.

It's usually pretty chilly on campus, so I try to dress warm, but still comfortable. I'm wearing a Loft lace top (it's on sale right now!), maroon jeggings from Express, and my Steve Madden slip-ons (of course!). These shoes are literally my go-to and you'll definitely see them with many more outfits! I just purchased these jeggings over the weekend and they're surprisingly super comfortable! They have a lot of stretch, which is perfect for sitting in class all day.

Since my classes are three hours each, I try to stay focused by drinking plenty of water. I have several water bottles, but this Contigo bottle is nice because I can hook it to my bag and it locks. My goal is to drink an entire water bottle each class. Sometimes I achieve it, sometimes I don't. It's also good to drink plenty of water because it helps with my hunger. It tends to calm my stomach down until I can finally eat after class. I also use my Lilly Pulitzer planner to keep track of my assignments and stay on track for the day. (I will literally lose my mind if I don't!) I've used other planners in the past, but this is definitely my favorite.

Cheers to another semester! :)

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